Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inspiration and LFT

So, I am in awe of 'real bloggers'. I look at some occasionally (watch this space for my favorties, one of these days). They inspire me. But I don't think I am a real blogger. But I think I want to be.
I suffer from LFT. It is called "Low Frustration Tolerance" and it is one of the basic elements that Albert Ellis cites as being an impediment to true psychological happiness. LFT is what we say when we are confronted with something that we either kinda want to do, or really should do, and we say, "But it's tooooo hard" (said usually in a whiney voice). And usually, if we do it, it gets us closer to a goal which is important.
But is blogging a 'goal' for me? I mean, I have so little time, and what I do, I already waste quite well, thank you. Not only that, no one, as far as I can tell, has read my blog since I started it. (Which brings me to the question of why I do it... it is sort of the 'tree falls in the forest' conundrum... but then I like keeping journals anyway... and I just re-read my post, "Pete and Repeat" and well, I still think it is hilarious... and I digress...).
So, is blogging a goal? Well, perhaps not in and of itself. But I do realize that writing is one of my favorite things to do. And although I feel I am dragged kicking and screaming to the keyboard (an image I take from Richard Bach who said this once about writing), once I am doing it I actually do like it. My job is full of writing (a little-known secret about researchers... 80% of our work is writing... yes, really! even the test-tube-water-sampler-chemist types have to write all that up... and then they have to write grants to get money... I am thankfully spared this since no institution with any self-respect finances research in psychology). But this isn't 'fun' writing.
And writing, well, when it is like this, is fun. And, in that sense it may bring me closer to a goal, or some goals, since it is what Ellis referred to as a "Vital absorbing activity"... modern cognitivists call it 'flow' which frees our brain from its tethers and lets it fly for awhile. So that is a good thing.
Sewing gives me flow too... and I need to figure out a way to better integrate it into my life since two children, work, AND a blog may keep me further from it. Sigh... watch this space (if you are out there).

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